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You already have everything it takes

I strongly believe in the body's natural healing system which, by its very nature, wants to bring us back to a state of balance and equilibrium. My job as a holistic nutritionist is to help you discover the obstacles that are getting in the way of that healing process. I cannot "give you" health - health and healing do not come from outside. They must be cultivated from within in order for true healing to take place. This is a difficult concept for many of us who have grown up believing that it's somebody else's job to make us well. When you break a leg and the doctor sets it in a cast, the cast facilitates the conditions for healing but does not, in itself, heal. It is the act of your bones fusing back together that heals you. You heal you. I can help create the conditions for healing with you, but you will be responsible for the healing in every instance.

The root meaning of Health is to make Whole

Health is not merely the absence of disease. It is a quality of completeness that involves every aspect of our being working towards a common goal. It is not possible for our bodies to be engaged in the healing process without the simultaneous participation of the non-body aspects of our being - our minds and our spirits - or however we choose to define these

Building Internal Resilience

It's natural for our bodies to get sick and lose equilibrium from time to time. Our health is in a state of dynamic flux and "perfect" health is not attainable. What we want to try to avoid is reoccurring and enduring illness. By helping you cultivate resilience - the quality of internal strength that comes from building the immune system, reducing stress levels and supplying the body with nutrients - you will be in a much better position to move through a world of toxins, free radicals and carcinogens, without being thrown too far off balance for too long. By creating the conditions that give rise to this internal resilience through the use of whole foods, natural supplements and stress reduction techniques, you will learn how to create a lifestyle of health and wellness.

Everything Visible is preceded by the Invisible

By the time physical signs of illness begin to manifest, the disease process is well entrenched and at times irreversible. We have all seen this in operation with cancer. When we build our internal resilience and develop the conscious habit of listening to our bodies and the range of "normal" for us - fatigue, appetite, attitude, stress response, sleep patterns - we put ourselves in a much better position to pick up on energetic disturbances in our body before these changes have an opportunity to develop into disease. By doing this, we naturally change our focus from one of disease and treatment to one of health and prevention.

I am so small I can barely be seen. How can this great love be inside me?

Look at your eyes. They are so small, but they see enormous things.

-- Rumi

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