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What to Expect

Session I: The initial session includes a detailed review of lifestyle, medical and dietary history.  Nutrition status is assessed as well as personal nutrition goals.

Session II: The second session includes a detailed nutrition action-plan with specific recommendations and food planning ideas to help achieve goals. The report of recommendations is presented in written form and is accompanied by recipes and reading materials suited to each client’s particular needs.

Ongoing Consultations

Follow-up consultations are important for the successful implementation and carrying forward of nutritional health goals. As you make progress on initial goals, new goals are identified and action plans are put into place to assist in accomplishing these goals. Follow-up sessions are available in half hour increments.

Insurance Coverage

Nutrition Services may be covered in full or in part by various extended health benefits plans. If you do not have third party coverage, keep your receipts and put them towards your yearly medical expenses. The medical expense tax credit is a calculated amount that reduces taxes.

Interactive Workshops and Educational Seminars

We provide interactive workshops on a broad range of nutrition and wellness topics to employees working in corporate and private practice environments. One of our most popular formats is the Lunch ‘n Learn workshop in which employees are invited to enjoy their lunch while receiving current information on a variety of nutrition topics.

We also provide a diverse range of educational seminars to students of all ages including those in daycare environments, elementary schools and high schools. We are also available to complement existing health care programs in community centers, private care facilities and various educational institutions.

Meal Planning and Nutrition Analysis

We are available to provide input and guidance on meal planning and healthy menu options for individuals living in private care environments (seniors and special needs populations, for example).

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